Put your EMS to the test.

TradeSmart connects to over 50 trading venues, giving you the best prices and execution of any EMS.

  • The ability to trade across multi-asset classes, including Equities, Derivatives, Fixed Income, and FX
  • A completely neutral market interface, built by a pure-play technology provider with no conflicts to any trading venue
  • New automation features for 2018 to further enhance your workflow, including: Comprehensive data aggregation, Algowheels, E-locate, and more
  • An EMS endorsed by its clients with a Best in Trading award* for the second consecutive year


For nearly 18 years, buy-side traders have relied on the proven technology in TradeSmart for robust market connectivity
and greater transparency, as well as a more efficient workflow.

And since we believe technology should work for you, we’ve continually refined TradeSmart to meet shifting market dynamics.
Leaving traders confident they’re getting the best possible execution, trade after trade.

Get fast implementation overnight 

Put your EMS to the test. Compare the proven technology in TradeSmart
side-by-side with your current EMS absolutly free. 


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